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In-House Training

Günther Baudenbacher’s Training also offer
organizations customized in-house training
courses with content specifically designed
around both individual requests and the
objectives of the senior management team.

Only those executive managers, work
managers and /or sales managers initially
chosen by the organization’s senior
management team actually take part in the
training. Personal meetings are held with
the key decision makers in advance in order
to provide guidance in the setting of
objectives. (On request).

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The Advantages of
In-House Training:
  • The objectives of the organization are integrated into the training with content specifically designed around special requests.
  • The training exercises take place in the actual work environment.
  • The managers/employees involved in sales get to know each other better through the training.
  • The way in which members of the team work with each other improves greatly and the motivation to work progressively increases.
  • Promotes teamwork.
  • Business owners get immediate feedback with regard to their business and gain an overview of the strengths and weaknesses.
  • It becomes immediately obvious “what is good, what needs to be changed”.
  • Location and time of the training can be chosen at your discretion.