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G. Baudenbacher Methods of Training

We work together in small and personal groups
(up to a maximum of 12 participants) and also
with individuals. The fact that our ways of operat-
ing are influenced by both personality traits and
the way the brain operates means that as part of
the training we take a close look at the overall
personality of each individual.

There is a high degree of learning involved in the
Baudenbacher Training because it incorporates an
exploration of the causes of certain perceptions,
that determine the way we behave and communic-
ate and it also includes feedback from long years
of experience in the field.

You’ll find answers to:

Why do I belong to the best?
How do I make the most of myself?
How do I deal with the fact that I belong to the
best in order to profit from this in the long term
and so that my employees also have the freedom
to develop too?
How do I stay at the top?

Methods of Training

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